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Nsukka lies in the Udi Hills at an elevation of 1,300 feet. Nsukka is an agricultural-trade centre for the yams, cassava, maize, taro, pigeon peas, palm oil and kernels produced by the local people. 

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welcome to NsukkaOnline.net
A website sponsored by Nsukka Patriotic Movement

Nsukka Patriotic Movement [NPM] is a social and philanthropic organization which is non-partisan. The National Secretariat of the Association is located at Nsukka. The Association also has a base in Port Harcourt.

The Motto of the Association is:
Towards a Greater Nsukka

Aims and Objectives
The objectives of the Association are:


To organize and promote ideas, programmes and activities that will enhance the rapid development of Nsukka Patriotic Movement [NPM] with particular reference to members of the Association and the old Nsukka Province in general


To foster fellowship and co-operation among indigenes of the old Nsukka Province


To mobilize and encourage all members of the Association and the public to be interested in its programmes and activities


To contribute to the upliftment of the socio-economic life of the old Nsukka Province and her people

To maintain contacts and cooperate with Associations of similar objectives

Member Eligibility
Membership is open to anybody who meets the following conditions:
(a) Applicant shall be an indigene of the old Nsukka Province
(b) Applicant shall have a minimum educational qualification of Ordinary National Diploma [OND] or its equivalent
(c) Other criteria for membership are as obtained in the NPM constitution.

Principal Officers of NPM
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Communiqués and publications by NPM
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