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Nsukka lies in the Udi Hills at an elevation of 1,300 feet. Nsukka is an agricultural-trade centre for the yams, cassava, maize, taro, pigeon peas, and palm oil and kernels produced by the local people. 


Weaving is a traditional local craft. Coal deposits have been discovered around Obollo, a town on the main Onitsha-Makurdi road. Nsukka is also home to the University of Nigeria, the first university established in Nigeria after independence. It is also the site of several other academic institutions. 



Nsukka, has an area of 30sq. km. and a population of about 90,000. It derives much from its status as a university town. Infrastructural facilities are reasonably adequate and include a large daily market for agricultural produce at comparatively cheap prices, a good network of roads, post offices, a telephone exchange, finance houses and banks, medical and sporting facilities.

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